As our name implies, SendCoal is a site dedicated to helping you send a lump of coal, tastefully packed into a small burlap sack, to any recipient of your choosing. We also include the ability of senders to personalize this gift.

There exists a long-standing tradition in Western culture of giving coal as a gift, particularly to those who are deemed to be undeserving of something more desirable or of greater value. However, while the stories of such gifts survive to this day, not nearly as many people have easy access to coal anymore. Being as we are located directly in the heart of America's historic coal region, this is not as much a problem for us.

We seek to help you keep alive this tradition, should you desire, by sending coal on your behalf (or anonymously) to anyone you choose.


SendCoal's operation is proud of the fact that we exclusively use high-grade anthracite coal from Centralia, Pennsylvania. While fate has not been kind to this region of the United States (please feel free to see our section on the History of Centralia) the coal resources within the surrounding rocks still abound, and we gather these rocks from locals who still find deposits available to those who know where to look.


SendCoal is surely not the first service to help people who wish to give coal as an amusing (or scathing) gift to others. However, virtually all similar businesses are, in our view, grossly deficient in either of two ways...

Quality - Nearly all of the "gift coal" offerings one encounters -- especially on mainstream web sites -- is simulated. These gifts consist of either cheap cast plastic or simply black-painted rock... in any such case, we think that's a little bit of a cheat. After all, if you're going to give someone a gift like this, why not send genuine coal?

Anonymity - Absolutely none of the other businesses of which we are aware will shield your identity when they dispatch a gift of coal at your direction. One company claims they will "send coal to someone without revealing you as the giver" but then goes on to state that "if the recipient emails us and asks who sent the coal, we will tell on you." Screw that! SendCoal has a very strong commitment to privacy and anonymity. If you send a gift of coal and tell us that you do not wish to be named, we will never reveal your identity to anyone.*


Alright! We are happy to help you. Stop on by our ordering page and complete the very simple process. We handle our transactions through PayPal, but (naturally) we do not need to ship to a verified PayPal address. It is our pleasure to send coal to any destination that you can specify!