If you are interested in learning more about our products or how we might package up a custom gift for you, please don't hesitate to email us at humbug@sendcoal.org

If you are contacting us in order to follow-up on an order you have placed (especially if you are submitting longer-than-normal custom text for the included card) it is exceedingly important that you email us using the same address that was associated with your PayPal transaction.

We cannot easily sort through messages and properly link them together with customer orders if multiple email addresses are entered into the mix.


If you have received a package from SendCoal and were less than pleased, we hope that your dissatisfaction stems from sentimental reasons and not from the quality of the coal contained within the box, as we take pride in our minerals.

If you are unhappy at having received a gift of coal, we sympathize... but we are unable to honor any requests for information regarding who a sender was, how the package was paid for, or when and why you were chosen to receive it. We will not comply with (or even respond to) any requests for such information. If you feel that your gift of coal constitutes any sort of illegal threat or harassment, feel free to involve law enforcement. If the police or the courts, at their discretion, feel the matter is worth pursuing, they can contact us directly.